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Cleaning Your PC for Passover and Some Important Reminders

In addition to vacuuming your keyboard and fans for dust, don’t forget to physically clean your screen and fan for Passover. Never use Windex on a LCD screen; the streaks will last forever. Here is a life hack: Use a dryer sheet and Q-Tip to clean your screen and keyboard. I wasn’t a “fan” of […]


Watch Out for Credit Card Hacks

http://www.jewishlinknj.com/features/16137-watch-out-for-credit-card-hacks Many of my readers and current clients will ask me time and time again, “How could we have gotten this virus or this hack? I have anti-virus, secured wifi, and I watch which sites I give my info to.” It’s really boils down to this, and this is my personal quote. These hacks are […]


Chromecast Roku or Apple TV?

Published at JewishLinkBC.com Something I am asked frequently, though I am IT, is which video streaming device I would recommend. If you’re looking to buy a streaming device, it’s likely you’ll end up choosing between three products: Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV. Amazon Fire is also jumping into the streaming market Streaming units have crossed […]


A new challenge: keeping data safe but accessible

Published at Dell Tech Page One  By Michael O’Dwyer As SMBs assess their approach to data storage, they must consider their legal obligations Planning a strategy Planning for the storage and archiving of data requires careful analysis. Companies that ignore it or assign it a low priority will ultimately pay the price as e-discovery and […]


Operating virtual environments: What comes next?

Published at Dell Tech Page One by Ritika Puri Virtualization also helps organizations scale their IT resources. Businesses may need to build a fail-safe, for instance, to prepare for unforeseen surges in website activity or natural disasters. Virtual servers make it possible for employees to access their desktops, email accounts or files from any machine. More […]

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